On show now: Roxanne Walchester’s beautiful photographs of Swansea

On the wall this month are Roxanne Walchester’s stunning photographs. Roxanne lives locally and has made it her mission to capture the beauty of the local area. Her latest body of work is titled Early Light, Fading Light, after a poem she wrote about the scenery that inspires her:


“Early light, fading light”

Passing the Grove one autumn morning, the sparkling sunshine shone on the golden leaves. Later, the graceful beauty of Brynmill Lake is framed by arches of foliage. The morning light contrasts with the softness of the evening on the shore of Swansea Bay at sunset, or the last rays over the treetops, till the Lake mirrors blue shadows in the water.


It’s precisely this magic which is mirrored in her photography, which is available to buy from the Coffee House. We’re delighted to have her beautiful work on the walls.