Offers and new inventions

We’re back at full throttle now after the winter break and Pete’s quest for the perfect coffee cake continues – so do ask next time you’re in if he has anything you can sample!

Last night we resumed our Thursday quiz nights with a new offer, which will run every week: 20% off our extended panini menu after 5pm.

With exam time in mind we have introduced another offer too: 20% off all coffees and teas for students during the exam period. We hope it will help you stay awake through extended hours of study!

Meanwhile, Ceri and Pete have been working on introducing a new range of alcoholic coffees, including Bailey’s lattes, Kahlua frappuccinos, Cointreau mango passion smoothies, strawberry liqueur milkshakes, banana liqueur milkshakes and the ‘honey jack badger’ made with coffee and honey Jack Daniels. Expect to see these on offer from next week.

One final note for this week: the Coffee House is available to book in the evenings for private parties, evening classes and talks. Do drop by if you’d like to discuss.



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