Thanksgiving celebration night

Thanksgiving celebration night

Already we are seeing the signs for the gradual build up to Christmas but back in the States the countdown is already on for one of our big days – Thanksgiving Day.

Like Christmas over here, Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the US on the fourth Thursday every November, is about family time and enjoying home-cooked food.

So we are getting ready for our own version at the Coffee House – staging a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on the evening of November 25th.

We are putting on Our Southern US-style traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Southern American family style. That will involve include turkey with all the dressings and a choice of eight sides followed by three dessert options – all for £17.95, plus some great Friday night entertainment too.

“Historically, Thanksgiving was the party that the Pilgrims and other passengers of the Mayflower threw to thank and honour their neighbours, the Indians, who helped them survive their first year in The New World,” says Mary.

“Their party lasted for three days and there were contests and games.

“Nowadays families gather for an afternoon or evening, and the games are watched on television or involve a deck of cards around a table.

“Every region has its own traditions and every family has their own adaptations of those traditions. As long as it reminds you to be grateful for the people and provision in your life, and it’s fun and delicious, I’d say you did it right.”

So, what have we got to go with the turkey?

There will be sweet potato casserole – baked mashed sweet potatoes, topped with brown sugar, cornflakes, butter and pecans; the ‘green stuff’, a sweet, dessert-ish traditional condiment, made with pistachio pudding mix, crushed pineapple, mini marshmallows and whipped cream, and then there is fresh cranberry relish – made to Mary’s mother’s special recipe.

We will also have green bean casserole -– baked green beans in cream of mushroom soup; traditional mashed potato; , Yankee dressing – sliced bread, celery, onion, spices and, turkey stock; and cornbread dressing – cornbread, eggs, onion, spices and turkey stock, served with turkey gravy and yeast rolls.

And don’t forget to make room for the desserts – pumpkin pie (autumn spices, with whipped cream on top); apple crisp (an American version of apple crumble, served with ice cream); and pumpkin pie cake. It’s one of our favourite meals of the year, and we hope to make it one of yours, too.


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