Celebrating the end of summer

Celebrating the end of summer

Hello coffee lovers, we hope you are enjoying what’s left of the summer. In the US, Labor Day – the first Monday in September – marks the unofficial end of the summer. It’s a public holiday during which most people enjoy a cook out: think beautiful, slow-cooked food from the barbeque, heaps of salads and crusty bread.

Labor Day honours American labourers and the contribution they make to the country’s prosperity and wellbeing. It began in the late 19th century, when the typical structure for the festivities included street parades and speeches. In the world of fashion, Labor Day was traditionally the last day of the year when it is acceptable to wear white.

At the Brynmill Coffee House we will be donning our sunny whites and celebrating the end of summer in style on September 5 by serving up typical US cook-out style food – namely smoked barbeque hot dogs with heaps of Mary’s special recipe barbeque beans. We hope you’ll come along and join us in bidding farewell to the summer (although we also hope there are many more sunny days to come!).

Talking of food, plans are moving forward for our Thursday and Friday evening openings, which begin in October. We are pleased to whisper to you that Mary’s new US-style evening menu will include a pasta bake with Italian sausage and meat balls (imagine a pie with spaghetti where the pastry would be – what could be better?); beef stuffed peppers with salad and home made cheese bread; and vegetarian quiches.

She’s also planning to introduce some Tex Mex favourites, including baked chimichangas with salad and salsa; and enchiladas with Mexican rice.

We’ll let you know more about all this as plans progress. In the meantime, please take a minute to leave your email address with us on one of the cards provided on our tables, and we’ll be in touch with offers, news and more. You’ll also get entered into a draw to win a free meal. Good luck!


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